Autistic Parcissism

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Аркадий Северный

When Tom Cruise can sing, man got it on  lock

Kareva and Kayla, my 2 american saints so far

Imma go visit the woman I love shortly. Sisters  pals involve, ah well. I love her.....

I'm back, went sober, she wouldn't see me. Her ..sis, me  n her is trouble

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Plenty of pedophile results become drug addicts

I'm responsible for any of my actions. No one can blame another for their own wrong doings(then its circular, almost). I was exploited as an addict for others in variety to feel better.

Because a pedophile wants good to come out his wrong doings hhuh

Well, autism no autism irrelevant

Sadly I have a conscious. Which is why isolation for years on end


Tears are most difficult to face when/in which you're solely wrong. Or amongst whom

i was born a man ill die a man makes me a retard fair enough

My grandiose benefit for the masses might soon end I aint writingg songs I cant sing "Oy vey" - R. Hester

jewish valya

A man look like me cryin theres your american shanson


Imma go for a walk, no

I dont understand what "can"(me being asshole, can aint the word) happen to a man to turn him towards an endless evil.

Evil or not, cause of romantics PLENTY OF PPL FELT BETTER BOUT THEMSELVES.

I won't apologise to anyone I care about and play on no feelings, that's blunt wrong

Outside of here. I'm well aware.

Manhood worth more to me than manhood itself.

I dont know how to clean my own  ass fuck u mean read....write :-(

I'd like to sit w/older lady next door see what she thinks of my talented voice.


I'm not a sympathiZer of sorts BUT IM NEEDLECENT :-f


95% of whom are **y

not enjoyin a blowjob from any gal on the block dont make me...just decent

Man tryin to rationalize slaughterin me by my ignore

If I've harmed the ego of a last name

I'm sorry. None of you are Hasidic.

Lying for benefit..? Bitter or autistic any other label some accurate. Autistic doesn't coincide with any sexual preference. And she is a saint. Due to afforded privilege ? NOPE. Naturally/ A sain't who didn't have any hazards to spoil it by the time she did I WASNT THE CAUSE AND IN ,MY HEART SHES ALWAYS A SAINT. I'm so it what you will. Autistic raised by a disciplinary mother might come off as't know. I just remember , whats to remember. my last name controls a sick person effortlessly. YEP PRETTY SIMPLETON WAS next word onscreen keyboard hassle.

Me wildly exclaiming her name in jail didn't harm anyone! russian raised not ...PHEW somewhere in the lands of..


I'm done with suboxone unless its shoved down my throat with a marlboro light.

So it's based on me writing philosophy? I'm not a philosopher.  Outside of foul language and berserk its blunt fact

If mind loss is causing the need for senile to be a man all of a sudden  EVEN WITH SICK passively. Take a closer look at the mirror.

^ not in regards to me, I'm just a comedian.

If you cant laugh at yourself you shouldn't laugh at others. I enjoy Richard Pryor, I'm all about comedy.


Example should be of me for kids. ITS THE GREATER GOOD!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Only person I must allow an apology..

it's nitly-precised. Valentina Kareva . Sorry

The live with yourselves.

My mother's manlier than most of you. Lives with a man who play knits for her. Now it's however she sees it. I'm not going to use family references and strain ethical standards below ...the..or any lowe, I can picture it sure.  Habits well configured by an athletic spirit sufficing for CNN a free man, Nietzsche institution. etcetcc However Trumpians see it. THEYRE CONSERVATIVES pro-christ, where'd that leave me in my rambling?

Yup, retarded! Facts suffice to say the rest. But she..alright, sorry.

F for falcons . Cali---dry heat outside financial range.

I'm sorry, Valya .

The true man w..he didn't introduce me to either. Only FriedRich Nietchease. Elec...........phew. Election vote!

Another way to specify preference.When a man likes to paint himself as his mother as a child. Nervous tension mother, smart child paints himself as an abused one. When that same child helps develooooooop a developmental delay into a savant and that same child helps makin sure ability is wasted. 3/3 references, likely a sociopath. I'm no better using to maintain composure as a junkie, insult me however. I'm sure of myself and sure I'll die a man. Freak of nature or not. Nastya is the flawless woman, I love her.

Spin it how you spin it I talk fact.

Brighton beach elitist figures..

he's seen for humble afflicted in love meanwhile it's push and shove.


Scare the next man straight, I'm already heterosexual.

"America is a country where people have to be ashamed of being sick!" - Al Pacino

Use it however you want to use it. What are you going to do, write me christ? My mother's already being handicapped by his low lives!

Harming no one while at it has been costly thus far, so far all I lost is something I never had ...Pride. Deadly sin.

I'm brilliant. Picture what life alone with a romantic habit or two synced BY THE FUCKING FLAWLESS DETAIL EVERYTHING IN FACT. She was 18, clean as a whistle. I was 21, enjoying a 40oz Olde English. Turns out, politics as well. Her mother's pure white socialite at the root. I'm a low life last name Geller.

Being witty is being an educated asshole, a dope habit doesn't cut into Nazi stream.

Esli ti ne natzist znachet to ne ukrainets. I just see it as comical. No involvement there.

I didn't ask for any Tokarevs kissing me. Where ever he's from.

Katsoulis law firm, Next one let me know ahead of time.

AGAIN I WASN'T ANYWHERE NEAR HER WHEN SHE WENT FROM "I don't even drink beer" to NEEDLE RIDDEN. She was the FLAWLESS woman when I met her. 18.

I heard a song about this "My name is Tina and I turn all fours for the fives." EXCHANGING WIT FROM RUSSIAN SHANSON TO AMERICAN COMEDY. YOU KIDDIN' ME.

Next door mike , you tell me you've got a genius who's got me beat...impossible.

I'm tired of talking to myself. Old habits die hard. Thing is I can make endless word syncin exchanging words in wit etc etc. New's Nonsense unless she's a pornhub BBW she's got to have a flawless romantic view. Hard to imagine the person who understands every single reference.

You kill me like some next door dime a dozen, that's on you. Dimes, puerto rican. Dozen, eggs.

I haven't met a puerto rican woman yet who wasn't attractive.

And no matter what spin you turn on it....

Every detail for Pacino Romance in Politics syncs flawlessly.

A russian country gal finds some Gruzlo throw away (newborn) exploits him to bring money back to grandmas then years later wakes up in NYC next to the man she had already bent over for cash meanwhile her newborn runnin' loose for a 1cc syringe dime of each. Moving a neighborhood down the kid meets a Ukrainians socialite daughter offers her the first kiss WHILE SHE WAS EXACTLY 18 then push comes to shove, her sister says listen pal I needed noone's company to drool on your cock before , now I got 3 muscle men who eye you oddly. Mind you come across 2 guitar gals poor excuse for a man and harshly disciplined. Point is she was EXACTLY 18 I WAS 21 SHE HADNT HAD A BEER YET I WAS A FULL  BLOWN JUNKIE AND YET...FOR AND IN EVERY DETAIL FOR WHAT ITS WORTH...I add Politics to Pryor comedy here. YOU THINK IM LYIN, ACCURACY TO THE 100% detail.

Shame my mother is sick, she could understand and enjoy syncin' references :(

using her in Maintaining composure being a junkie add  composure of a diabetic and sticking to politics at it. I phrase accurately sync words flawlessly MEANWHILE

Atleast people with heart near by.

People need separate exaggerated detail from comical struggle. It's brilliant.

In america, that's the issue in the every day life.. seperating charismatic from wreckless and sick from dopefiend.

Free commercial material, I provide

A person who allows himself to lead such a precise life style with incite precision.

I got the greatest biography in U.S history...I can detail it full well. Comically for adolescents. The last incite ruined by the 2nd coma. I'm sick not a war criminal.

But I figured photographic memory is circular. I recall digits I'd imagine not as well as it once was. My mother's an innocent woman. victim in denial or not

Again, there's no such thing as a bisexual same as a good looking woman who cooks and cleans. EVERYONE can distill the memory of who they looked at romantically first as a kid.

With this Anastasiya mother thinks I love her cause she's an idiot My brother thinks its cause she's white. Jew stuck in between , it's not cause of my track marks or manhood. .

Brothel spots aren't for me. You're trashy, you belong in my mothers basement. She loves lady visitors of the type.

(Shame on me, her english intact)

GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS: dick thicker wrists

Selective with audience catered to

With my father I'm the only man he's ever met. That's why I treasure a ukrainian nazi named Anastasiya Kareva . Save your sister some pride and come over. For the sake of ETHICAL STANDARDS. I gave her flowers at H.S grad

From now on, Judge Alan J Myers if you aren't retired with you I wouldn't press it.. I think I knew your daughter

Staten islands one man who's considerate, justice is afforded privilege

He was reappointed in 1992 by Mayor David Dinkins and, again,

I came to the states in 92. Coincedences are gods way of staying anonymous.

I told grandpa good luck retiring, he advised me back.

recent music prefs: Chopin, The Network, Velvet Underground, Аркадий Северный..
was tchaikovsky, my year, chevelle, Vysotsky
Prior to that: The anatomy of a secretive ma's pal cougar, that was my year, Greenday, well since green is in the prior to name, alexander rosenbaum

Book, was The anatomy of a secret life. Tchaikovsky they told him, might be mistaken brother tossed my precious item.

I found a book a black man gave me in jail:Out of which I got this excerpt : David Seamands tells a story of when he was a missionary to India he came across a vendor selling speckled brown quail. He had a string attached to one of the quail's legs and the other end of the string was attached to a post. The quail kept walking around and around and around a post. A brahman came by, a Hindu who believed in respect for all life and said he would buy all the quail. When he had payed for them he told the merchant to cut the strings and let them free. The vendor cut the strings and the Commie birds kept marching around anyway(Trump vote). Finally where ever they landed they just march CIRCLES around aRON PAUL again.

EMINEM OR NO EMINEM, faggots got nothing to teach me.

I taught a schizophrenic how to laugh, this guys daughter gave me a chance..

Used to be this guy around Alec I used him to pocket money meanwhile you'd think vice versa, he introduced me to heroin. At this time I had a schizophrenic follow me around who would cover his mouth when he laughed. Years later when he "was no longer ashamed" of laughter, he told me what he found particularly funny, he quoted Alec "Eta ti menia raskumaril? haha!" translates to "you afforded me a fix?" This guys alecs daughter gave me a chance, not for small talk or marriage but to fuck on site. She covered the liquor. But I was waiting for 7d 6c at her place. And those 2 mixed, show me a man who's pulled back. Brighton beach or hollywood. Then before the diabetic onset coma, this schizophrenic had come by. And due tob well nah no excuses, I tried to kiss the poor guy. Another donation out of my pocket to him, guy seemed to be startled expressing "****** knows how to handle a mans ass." Verbatim. I felt bad for him indirectly during my close to mistake. Then I mentioned it elsewhere and was told "He didn't want to ruin your friendship" In that case he should've donated to this friendship instead of his line "I'm not doing your homework for you." Aside college and up math, I would be helping him if any. But you can only be so careless no matter how or who's counting . Just to think A CRACKHEAD IN A REHAB said to me "You have photographic memory. You could be a professor" Before the coma I memorized faster than a quarter in America reads. But..phew. Can't sync movement w/memory as far as I can recall even prior to the coma. Photographic memory isn't formulated its genetic in essence otherwise... Rain Man. Don't know the science of rain as opposed to the science of ..Phew. Belushi should've had Cruises spot in Rain Man. Junkie playing in, and meanwhile for the audience.

I haven't second guessed myself in the kids eye yet. Otherwise, well..I had a sub-arachnoid hemmorhage. It wasnt caused by drugs, bright eyes anonymous. Hypnosis->diabetes.

To think she still came by my eyes, my mother figured she's a friend yet well I guess she's losing interest sexually at this point, you'd be surprised. introduce me to one who'll accept my mothers basement while I present comedy. Regardless, the ..I maintain. Otherwise,Stealing coffee with 4 hour travel is half the effort and twice the high.

Sub-title: I'm always right cause when I'm wrong I don't talk.

My mother is a ".VID' victim in denial. I'm the only good thing that's happened in her life since ..not sure overall. Not my place to comment.. I have a place in her family.

But the schizophrenic didn't have a gender. Just a clever head. There's no such thing as bisexual.

PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY: I was recalling 100 pages 90% accuracy within the hour give or take a quarter at 21. 22 I was in a coma


Trump spare me the small talk

Soviet union childhood...

I'm considerate with kids and show respect accordingly. How much more you want? Bagel with coffee? The one crime I committed in strain , stealing coffee for a 4 hour travel. Nerves of steel, Trump. Go back to cleaning your dads casino staircases. Mind you, 2 hour ride on the way back home I wasn't high anymore speedball rush lasts 2 minutes , high is over. I'd say to the " Gruzlo " Ol timer I'll sit here till 10 pm he'd answer doesn't hassle me any.

But those 2 minutes..IV coke overdose=ears ringing. Happened once, face number than steel. I said "Imma step out for a cigarette" Meanwhile he's in a hurry to prepare the next one. That Belushi sensation, I don't care gay straight rich poor...YOULL FIND ANOTHER ONE. It's just, ain't a crack pipe or the methadone program. Show me a man who can say otherwise and has 5 years clean. ILL TELL YOU HES LYIN LAUGH IN HIS COMPANY.


I've had secret cameras in my room fueling a drug habit, one of eye sight took to my defense. Again, thank you Manuel Katsoulis .

Since when do elitist firms take C misdemeanor cases. Humble Matt. Unfortunately, Matthew falcons team I had them winning by 7. Under 2 minutes left, score tied up. Lost in overtime. Ridicolous, it was seahawks not falcons, game didn't go to overtime.

It didn't come across my mind that Matthew Falcon's wealthy pops may be the owner of the falcons. Memory at this point relies on sentiment.

So elitist katsoulis is fighting Trump defending a jew last name? America is falling apart. This is when a ukrainian angel's opinion would suite my case better. This wasn't no pussy afforded for a junkie. We have sober memories together at which poin't she hadn't even had a beer at EIGHTEEN. I'm not a pedophile and I wasn't around when this cherished Anastasiya started using drugs. Just a matter of an older lady out of moscow affording me a virgin, even AT THAT...before we ever fucked she had been through half of  a greenwich Brothel. Fans, washing pans..I'm never wrong cause when I'm wrong I don't open my mouth much less use a keyboard.

But that was a cherished night when her sister passed out drunk passenger seat and I asked her to sit in her backseat. Shame I didn't have a condom and she..boyish like my mother. Every man marries his own mother. I married her hometown girl but she...or me. Thats fucking garbage what people hold on to from personal background. Then this anastaciya, her mother can't face me cause she taught the russian foul play for Kike. I WILL NEVER FORGET THESE 2 SYNCIN DAYS: I used the word " Gruzlo " by mothers pal from the country then anastasiya used the word " Jidovshina " which translates a jew shithole..her mother played some defense card by my last name . I thought it was hilarious....but that's cause my saint isnt any brighter than myself, it didnt hit her thatb you just dont do that. Where as I'm a man and had to pay for consequence turned comedy. Besides, it's not that it didnt hit mother raised a mind function full well till innermost brain hemmorhage. Sociology professor called me THE AMICABLE PAUL GELLER. How the fuck do ppl have to study for a 101 course. I took a xanax by a mistake passed out on the book and aced it. After the diabetic coma though...things came to strain though. But my drug use intervals didn't span long enough...didn't change much.


Guy drank twice as much as I got  high then his son paints himself as some fucking hero. Penis envy eye of Jr.

Bill found my praise of her amusing so he pushed the shit forward But I remember her sister telling me "she's never kissed a boy" meanwhile she was sucking cock for a hobby AND STILL SHIT COULDNT WORK CAUSE I'M A FREAK OF NATURE. Not just by comedy or as the ONLY MAN IN AMERICA WHOS DICK IS THICKER THAN HIS WRIST. There's your book of me ONE MAN who can say that honestly through out his life.

Work or not, I kissed in the backseat of her car, this lady who "never kissed a boy". She had just turned 18 the year prior to. Coincedenses are gods way of staying anonymous

Picks up her phone to laugh amusingly..eshit ah well I let it slide. Hold on let me call her, 8:26am